nJoy: The Android Controller App for Gaming

PC gaming is something that is no longer seen as a trend with those who are nerds and invalids. This type of gaming has become so much more mainstream with the introduction of smart phones and smaller gaming devices. These days app games and PC gaming titles are household names with the younger generation as well as the parents of that generation. One of the biggest transitions for this type of gaming is the lack of a good controller. Sure you can use an Xbox controller plugged into a USB port, or go buy a third party controller from a store, but they are usually poor substitutes and are way overpriced. There’s now a solution in store with the app that makes your Android device into a fully functional gaming controller. The app is called nJoy and it features a full button menu and virtual joystick to control the game on your computer right from the mobile device.

nJoy is a wireless based app and communicates with the computer through WiFi, but can also be connected with the wireless carrier’s network if that is not an option. With this app you will have a cheap and very effective solution for using a controller to play your PC based games.

The only thing this app is missing is a button configuration menu. Some people are accustomed to a certain type of button layout for whatever system they’re used to playing on, but others enjoy at least the option of making it something more catered to their hand preferences. If the app had this there wouldn’t be much of a bone to pick, but for free or the paid version of barely over a dollar it is hard to complain about anything at all.

Google Play : nJoy (Free) | nJoy (Paid)

[Image Credit: Google Play Store]

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