Tiny Apps: The Great Floating App Package for Android

There continue to be innovations made with the Android platform that once you have them, once you see them and use them you have no idea how you lasted so long before without them. This is exactly how I would describe the new app Tiny Apps for Android. This little suite of apps comes with 5 little floating apps that can be opened and adjusted over any other app without closing it out and without blocking the whole screen. It comes with a calculator, note taker, recorder, paint, and a music player. All of those things are the most commonly needed apps that I wish I could have around when I’m in another app without closing it out, and now I can!

The real deal here is that it comes in a free, lite version, as well as a paid version. The paid version is just under two dollars and is surely worth it from my experiences. The paid version allows transparency options as well as docking, both of which seem essential for managing a series of floating apps in the most effective way possible.

Now you don’t have to leave a call, a game, or your calender to jot down a quick note, write down a sort message or diagram something someone is telling you, or even play some music that has constantly visible controls. It really revolutionizes the way that Android works for you and not against you. Pick up this app today and you won’t regret it one bit.

Google Play : Tiny Apps (Free) | Tiny Apps (Paid)

[Image Credit: Google Play Store]

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