Knock2 + Is Having a Go at Switching Small, Lockscreen Icons for LED Notifications

There is a new app on the marketplace which is attempting to revolutionize the way Android users get and receive notifications on their phones. Knock2 + is the name of the app and in essence the switch being made here is simple. Trade those tiny blinking lights at the top of most Android devices that relay some sort of basic message about an app or notification for a small lockscreen popup that actually tells you exactly what the notification is for and some other relevant information.

The biggest positive about this app is that it is new, has a great idea, and the developer is being very user friendly in terms of dealing with, helping, and resolving user issues. That being said, the app is still quite solid and does exactly what it promises to do. Among user reviews the functionality of the app is not up for debate. The main point of conflict seems to only be the benefit of the battery power being used to give these styles of notifications versus the very minimal power drain of an LED blinking. That is really a question the user themselves must come to terms with. Personally, my battery on my Android is pretty decent and I like having an actual notification telling me what’s going on rather than just a blinking green light anonymously teasing me to some sort of message.

The choice is yours, but I love Knock2 + and I’ll be using it as a replacement for my notification systems that I’ve had up to this point.

Google Play: KnockĀ²+ LED for Android

[Image Credit: Google Play Store]

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  1. hi, i downloaded this app and im having problems.. it doesnt work! does anyone know what i have to do?

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