Samsung Galaxy Star and Galaxy Pocket Neo Official Announcement

Given how often people associate the iPhone with smartphone it might come as a surprise how much larger of a company Samsung is for cell phones than Apple. This is mainly due to the idea that Samsung and Apple have these high publicity battles over large high end market clients. They are always competing to have the best, most technologically capable device. Although the prevalence of the iPhone seems to be the popular norm, Samsung continues to put phones out there that technology and power wise far surpass Apple’s iPhones. Samsung is taking a look at another part of the smart phone market. With two new devices being announced, the entry level Android market will be donned with Samsung’s two newest devices, the Galaxy Star and the Galaxy Pocket Neo.

Both of these devices will run the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS and be incredibly well marked up for technology specifications. The only main difference between these two new entry level devices will be the processors. The Galaxy Star will have a 1Ghz processor while the Galaxy Pocket Neo will only have an 850 MHz processor. Everything else is basically identical. They will both be prepared with a 3 inch display, 512 MB of RAM, 4GB internal storage with expandable options in the MicroSD slot, 2 MP rear camera, and Samsung TouchWiz UI, and Dual SIM support.

It’s nice to see Samsung leaving the world of only the highest paid and competitive devices and releasing devices that the masses are in the market for for once. As well all love Apple and Samsung it gets outrageous sometimes the prices these machines are given and with these two slimmed down versions a much larger market will be able to get their hands on a very powerful Android device from Samsung.

Source: Samsung Tomorrow

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