Android Chrome Update Brings Stability and Performance Improvements

Finally Google has updated android chrome browser for version 18.0.1025308. Android users can easily download latest release from Play Store. Google Says this update will helpful for malicious sites reanimation contained and can not impact the entire web browser. But Sandbox will be available for Android jelly bean 4.1 user’s.

However google official ChangeLog is about maximum 10 word”s, does not mention anything specifically, There are some known issues with both verities of chrome browser. Apple devices owner might experience a data un-available errors generally when trying to save images, and disappointed for find out there is no history record option to viewing previous history detail’s. Android users experienced font size inconstancy on some sites, instructions for non-mobile version of chrome, leggy scrolling as well as loading black…

Google Chrome updates also makes few changes regarding Youtube videos performance  in chrome, Video controls, Full-screen mode, Video now automatically continues playing after a screen Lock Unlock, SwiftKey of Swype will work much better with new release.

Source: Google Play Store | Chrome Release Blog

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