Google Play Store Revenue Growing Rapidly Than Apple’s App Store

Google Play – Android’s official application store has been generating massive revenues from  its apps, and they have been growing to an extent of 311% between the time frame of October 2011 and October 2012, mentioned in a report that has been lately released by the App Annie, which is an app analytics Corporation. When compared to the Apple’s iOS, the revenue only grew 12.9% over the 12 month period from October 2011 and October 2012.

Regardless that growth, in October 2012 the international revenue from the Apple’s App Store was 4 times larger as compared to Android’s Google Play. In that report, App Annie was not able to disclose any actual or exact financial numbers.

CEO App Annie, Bertrand Schmitt stated that the gap between the global revenues of both Google Play and iOS persists. However, it gets to shrink down on a monthly basis, creating a large number of opportunities and prospects for publishers to generate considerable revenue growth in various countries concerning on the Google Play.

The figures are totally different when it comes to downloading the free apps. Over the 12 month period, the Google Play store grew approx 48%, whereas for iOS it was just 3.3%.

The App Annie’s Thrusday Index has been the very first one in what will be an array of monthly reports from the company concerning App analytics.

As per the App Annie stats, the top 10 iOS publishers of revenue for the month of 0ctober 2012 are:

GungHo Online Entertainment, Electronic Arts, SQUARE ENIX, Applibot, Apple, Gameloft, Zynga, Supercell, Kabam and Gree.

When it comes to Android, the top and the best performers are the: NAVER, Gree, GAMEVIL, Zynga, LTD, WeMade Entertainment, GungHoOnlineEntertainment, COLOPL, DeNA Co., Gameloft and NextFloor.

Zunga has been the only company that has been able to make to the list of the top 10 for both the Android and iOS platform. The toppers list from both the platform includes various developers who until now have offered just one or even two of the high-performing application, and a few are those who have above 50 apps available on the stores.

The app publishers normally have two vital options when it is about making a global app store a success, that is by distributing a large number of applications, marketing just one or two superior quality apps. For most of the developers, both the business models work, from large publishers such as Zynga and EA, which have been enjoying the same level, to small publishers like Supercell, which got to have a runaway accomplishment lately with Clash of Clans.

The revenue grabbing war between the two platforms continues. It does not have an end as more and more gadgets keep hitting the market, and the numbers are simply growing to grow larger. Let us wait and watch who grabs it all in the end!

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