Windows 8 Store Downloads Beat The Apple’s Mac Store But Only One-Fifth The Revenues

The Microsoft Corporation came up with a big endeavor to make sure that when the Windows 8 OS goes live, all the apps available in the Windows Store do not disappoint, declaring that it holds more apps as compared to any other portal at the time of launch, and later on cracking more than 20,000 applications within the very first month. According to the figures provided by the Distimo, the App store gets to have a strong downloading activity, and the daily volume concerning the downloads is more than 300 apps, which is 3 times higher as compared to the apps downloaded over the Apple’s App Store.

However, being bigger does not always mean more value, not for now at least.  As more than 86% of the Windows 8 applications available for free, the Apple’s App Store still persists to generate 5 times more revenue through its App store. Presently, the Microsoft Corporation is trying to prove itself as the highest and most prominent-grossing app publisher.

The Apps available at the Windows 8 Store are more focused towards PCs and tablets, thus in case you are weighing it with Apple’s App Store, it puts it somewhere between the Mac Store as well as iPad-dedicated apps that are available on the App Store. As per the stats by Distimo, it has quickly exceeded the best score, which has at the moment, only supports 13,000 apps, however it is very much far away the latter, which has lately passed the mark of 275,000 apps. When compared to the Apple’s App Store, there are more than 700,000 apps, more than 600,000 apps available with Google Play, it is pretty more dwarfing. The existing Windows Phone 7 app store happens to be 10 times bigger.

For now, Microsoft has been able to maintain a balanced mix between several different interfaces that are being provided through the app store. According to Distimo, Windows 8 OS has been exceedingly strong and robust with the localized content –on average above 10% of the applications are in the top 300 standings and are preferred to particular regions. While the bigger markets are being considered, where the developers are being more language specific, the percentage is certainly getting higher. In Korea, 30% of the well-liked apps are available in Korean-language, for Japan; 41% of the apps were available in the local language.

As the Windows 8 app market continues to grow, a question that arises here is if Microsoft will manage to steer more of the paid ones, and a number of purchasing customers, over the platform. Apparently, Microsoft has created a setting where most of the applications are made available for free, but then charging for a content would become extremely challenging, as it already has been over the Internet.

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