Almost There! Untethered Jailbreak for iOS6/6.0.1 for iPhone 5 and More Devices Underway!

If you know anything about technology or follow any sort of news with the programming world of mobile devices you may already be familiar with the terms “jailbreak” or “tethered vs. untethered”. For those of you who aren’t jailbreaking a device essentially means unlocking the code so that it can be used to run apps not available on the app store and not be limited by blocks installed in the operating system. Tethered vs. untethered refers to the simple idea of plugging a device into a computer to do this jailbreaking process or performing it wirelessly. These exploits have followed Apple and other devices around since their creation. There will always be programmers searching for new ways to skirt around security blocks and allow the power of the device to shine without limitations.

The reason this is such big news is because most of the people really interested in this type of jailbreaking procedure are those who follow technology religiously and keep the most up to date device possible. This means that for months now there has been no official and standardized jailbreak for the newest version of the iOS 6 and the iPhone 5. This has left users of the iPhone accustomed to the jailbroken lifestyle feeling incomplete and left behind. All of that is about to change!



According to tweets by two of the most famous hacking programmers out there, Pod2g and Planetbeing, they are both working together to find and produce a public jailbreak. All that is standing between the public and a fully released jailbreak is an initial execution code. This means that most of the hard work is already done. Considering they are revealing their partnership and tweeting about their progress is a sure sign that things are probably very close to being completed.

Considering that the iOS 6.0.1. is almost going to be released it is more likely that the developing team will wait until this is public to allow the public access to the untethered jailbreak to make sure it stays up to date fully. Myself and thousands of other iPhone users are waiting on the edge of our seats for this jailbreak to be released and when it finally is, all of those otherwise inaccessible apps will be ours for the taking!

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