Official Announcement: Sony to Release Xperia Tablet Z! Water proof and 6.9mm Thick!

Today was a monumental day for technology buffs. In the tablet world there is a huge amount of competition of company’s climbing for the top. Sony has recently jumped back into the running in not only the tablet world, but the handheld technology world all together. They are having their biggest announcement to date with the new Xperia Tablet Z. This comes after the announcement of their handheld device which is under the same line. The features on this tablet are unparalleled and reckons back to the late 90s and early 2000s when Sony was the cutting edge of new technology.

Here we go! Not only is this newly announced tablet incredibly thin at only 6.9mm, yes millimeters, but it is also waterproof. These two features alone separate this tablet from anything else on the market today. The iPad, or any of Samsung’s line, come no where close to this level of thickness of Sony’s new Xperia Z. This means not only the ultimate portability, but the weight and stress of the tablet being exponentially less on the user. In the world of functionality of tablets, that is almost the most important feature.

The waterproof technology also completely separates this tablet from the pack. If there’s anything any tablet on the market is infamous for it is the vulnerability and the susceptibility from accidents to bricking your device. Tablets are thin, portable, and incredibly risky to a more clumsy person. The butterfingers in your family can now even own a tablet and not risk spilling that glass of water which would otherwise ruin the investment.

This tablet, although being the thinnest main competitor come market time, will also feature a 10.1 inch screen like that of the other notable mentions such as the larger Galaxy Note. It doesn’t end there. A 1.5 ghz Quad Core processor and the newest 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system will also be inside. I don’t know about all of the readers out there, but I know I can’t wait to get my hands on this thing!

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