How to: Move Android Apps & Games To SD Card

There’s almost nothing more frustrating than running out of internal storage on your Android device because of all of the awesome apps out there today. It’s so crazy how the ability to save apps to your SD card hasn’t been made a part of the operating system, but finally there’s a way. We’re all saved! Take a look at these three apps to see how you can finally open up all of that blocked storage from your apps and save your data to your SD card.

App 2 SD ;


This app is the cream of the crop. It has over 14 million downloads from the Google Play store. It allows seamless transferring of memory from the phone to the SD card, for apps and widgets and all of those other necessary components for eating up your phone’s internal memory.

App2SD ;


No we’re not playing a trick on you. The top two apps for this process have the identical name just with or without spaces. Hey, we don’t make the rules; we’re just providing the news! This app also allows the transfer of apps back and forth to and from the SD card and to the phone. It also allows you to sort the apps by file size, name and other relevant information as to control them better and delete the ones taking up too much room. This is much more convenient than the running through the laundry list type of app deletion on most operating systems.

Move Apps ;


This app’s highlighted feature is the notification it gives you when you download an app that can be stored. That’s the kicker to this whole side of things. Not every app can be moved from your phone’s storage. That means inevitably some memory has to be taken by some of those stubborn apps which is even a better reason to get one of these transferring apps.

Don’t be held back by your phone’s internal memory anymore! Break free of the confines of app storage and the crazy amount of time and space they use up. Get one of these storage apps to save them to your SD card.


[Image Credit: Google Play Store]

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