Yandex.Store Great Alternative App Store To Google Play & Amazon App Store

So is it that you are looking for more than what Google Play Store can deliver, and you find the Amazon App Store leaving you in the cold? Check out Yandex, a Russian competitor to Google is here to rescue.

Yandex, the Russian search giant is now taking on Google by releasing an alternate Android App Store. The Yandex App Store, launched lately at the Mobile World Congress, comprises of more than 50,000 apps when it was launched, including some of the popular ones like Cut the Rope, Foursquare and Skype. The sum is a far cry  from Google’s approximately three quarters of a million. Considerably the Yandex App Store has been made available in several languages like Russian, Ukrainian, Turkish, Italian, German, French, Spanish, English and various other language support coming soon. Manufacturers and carriers can deploy and license the Yandex.Store for free, with the vendor only profiting via a cut of app sales.

Users can easily access the store for any of their Android devices, and after having a standardized account set up, they can have access to an incredible selection of mainstream applications. Several renowned titles such as Opera Mobile, Twitter, SoundHound, ES File Explorer, and Angry Birds are all there. The store had 50,000 + apps at the time of release and the number is still growing.

There are a large number of applications that are on display and free too, there are paid ones as well, with support for varied payment options such as credit card, and other options from countries around the globe including the US. The Store’s app itself is no stoop, either : It is more of an interesting mix of what is available on Google play Store and also some from the Amazon’s App Store. The Yandex.Store has collaborated with Opera to offer the backend support and several other existing apps. In general, there could be a lot worse, particularly, if you are using hardware that does not offer access to the official Google Apps. Russian users are most likely well aware with a Yandex’s suite of Android services and apps, including shopping, weather, navigation, maps, email and a lot more.

There has been an important revision been made to the Yandex’s Android Home-screen replacement, the Yandex.Shell, which has been made accessible on the Google’s Play Store. This version offers users with 3D animation, and various other useful features such as hiding unwanted apps, resizing he homescreen grid. It is free to access, but presently available in Russia. The customizable launcher is focused on smaller Smartphone manufacturers along with regional carriers.

Source: Yandex.Store

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