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Adobe PhotoShop Touch: Just Released for Android and iPhone

The amazing Photoshop program that has become synonymous with photo editing is finally available on your Android or iPhone. This means all of those editing tools and Photoshop features can finally be integrated with images you have, or have taken on your mobile device. At last, all of the amazing things Photoshop can do can be accomplished in the palm of your hand at the touch of a screen.

Photoshop is a program that has been evolving and growing with the digital world for years. The way that it has become the go to photo or image editing software for professionals and amateurs alike has made it gain more fame and features than any one person could ever fully put to use. The fact that it is now available for use in such a well slimmed down and fully functional interface on a mobile device is amazing.

For Android users, some of the screens on these devices allow a huge amount of touch space to edit images, and even for iPhone users the screen is big enough to zoom in and out and get exactly what you want done. The fact that the entire program is touch means that the precision is all in your hands and the editing is done in a way that you want it done.

Whether you’re creating art or images from scratch, or editing already taken images for clarity, fun, or work, Adobe Photoshop Touch is an amazing program that will allow anyone to get exactly what they want in an image creation or editing app. This has already been available on some other Android devices such as tablets for a few months and has had rave reviews. Now that it has breached that world to the handheld smartphone market the use and development of the app will probably only continue to increase.

All that matters is that it is here now and it’s here to stay. Don’t wait to get this app. Photoshop is a name that means quality and none of it was compromised to make this app available on smart phones.

Google Play:  Adobe Photoshop Touch for Android

Apple iTunes: Adobe Photoshop Touch for iphone

[Image Credit: Google Play Store & Adobe System]

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