Wireless Charging Reported for the Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung is always on the forefront of innovation with their “Galaxy S” lineup. Unlike Apple, they usually feature at least one new feature that is at least mildly revolutionary to the model. It has been making the rounds of the news world that the new model of Samsung Galaxy S4 will feature wireless charging. Hopefully, gone will be the days of mountains of noodle like cords swirling around the extension cords jockeying for position. If this phone truly does put this feature where its mouth is it could be the start of a whole new shift in the charging mechanisms for most phones. There’s always tons of risk involved in a change this big, but who could honestly say they’d prefer to be chained down with a wire rather than free to not have to worry about one extra plug, one extra wire, and one less socket for your electronics.

Other rumors are circulating about the actual application of this wireless charging and it seems like it will be done through a resonant magnetic coupling. That is quite a mouthful, but it basically means that the technology is going to be similar to many other Qi enabled devices. Qi is a technology firm that specializes in creating wireless charging products. This will open the floodgates for the technology to become main stream and have cheaper, third party options available all over the place.

With all of the other rumors circulating about this device it is hard to actually determine which are true and which are simply media hype. We here at TechnoBB.com like to only bring the most factual and up to date news. The wireless charging is almost a sure thing and it will come with a wave of other features as well. As soon as we know more about this highly anticipated device we will be sure to say it here first.

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