Tupsu: The Furry Little Monster Just Wants to Play

Tupsu: The Furry Little Monster is a fun little cross platform app that is an awesome addition to the app store, and Android marketplace. It will keep you busy and on the edge of your seat with its addicting and amazing game play. This is a little review of this fun little app which will be in the palm of your hand and the memory of your device soon.

First of all, being an artist myself, the graphics are amazing. You can tell they’re based from hand drawings and not simple computer generated, mass produced icons like many apps. This is just the first plus of the game and after the great first impressions it only continues to get better.

It is an odd game in theory. The little monster navigates through these floating island levels with his very sticky eyes. Yes, his eyes. He is a monster and as cute as he is hideous, but that’s why he’s so lovable. He can navigate by walking, climbing and pushing objects to manipulate his environment. Not only can he push objects, but he can carry them along the landscape as well which creates another massive dimension of depth to the game play and strategy. With thirty levels of play this game won’t be one of those you pick up and put down in a long line. It will keep you chugging, and sticking along with Tupsu as he goes on his adventures.

It is worth mentioning that this game is free as well. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there’s nothing better than free. Especially when there’s a cute little three eyed monster involved, free doesn’t get much better. If you’ve ever played World of Goo, or watched a Spiderman cartoon you’ll see where Tupsu probably learned some of the tricks of his trade.

If the game play, graphics and free price weren’t enough to rope you in then the catchy music by purpleplanet.com will surely make you open up that download. It’s a great game with tons of levels and infinite replay value.

The Furry Little Monster for iOS

The Furry Little Monster for Android

[Image Credit: Google Play Store]

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