Windows 8 style on an Android Phone – Launcher8 App

Windows8 is the latest updated version of Windows7 operating system by Microsoft. It gives a much improved performance to the users and it is enjoying a huge success. It also provides the best security from viruses to the user. A person does not need to change the android phone in order to get windows phone8 but there is a simpler way to it. This article tells about the method of getting windows8 on an android phone that will turn your phone into a portable computer and you can enjoy windows8 on your phone with more features added to your phone.

You can turn your android phone into a windows8 phone by downloading some useful applications in your phone.

LauncherWP8 application:

This is the most important application you will need. By downloading this application, you can get windows8 on an android phone. It is one interesting application that provides an exciting experience. It allows you to modify the home screen or lock screen look according to your choice and according to what suits your mood. You can play around with it easily by changing the colors, fonts, sizes and almost anything on the phone. It provides the room for maximum changes. Moreover, it also gives support to some android features and it allows installing and using widgets (in the tiles format) from the developers all around the world. Initially, this application was developed for Chinese users but later it attracted so many people that it forced the release of English version so now it is available to all. There is another application by the name Windows Phone-like app drawer that you get with launcherWP8. It arranges the applications in an alphabetical order and in a vertical format which gives a whole beautiful new look.


Other applications:

WP7 Contact is the application that deals with the contacts on your phone and will transform it into WP format.  Z player is another application that will change music and videos into WP style. Messaging Metro Beta will modify the message style and format.


WP8 is loved by its all the users and you need to get this in order to enjoy it.

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