Want To Make Your Android Device run Faster? Consider Cleaning Up The RAM Memory

Are you considering solutions that can help you make your Android device to run smoother and faster? Do not worry, as there is a pretty simple and easy solution for it. You are required to only clean up your Android gadget’s RAM to keep it running vividly.

Given the flexibility the Android OS offers, the RAM capacity of the devices depends on what the vendor chose to carry out. If you have a 512 MB RAM, it does not mean that you will have the entire capacity available. Some of the memory capacity is allotted to the system applications whereas the other part goes into the GPU. Eventually, users are left with a small amount of memory that they need to manage wisely to keep their device running faster.

While using your phone, push the Home screen button, this does not mean that you have closed the app you was previously using. A large number of apps like Google Maps run secretly, without anyone even noticing it. Such kind of apps are not required every time, but they get to consume your RAM in the background which makes your device run slowly. In this regard, you can make use an incredible app. It is called as the Advanced Task Killer. This app is useful to terminate all the running services simply with a touch and offer users with a longer battery life and performance improvements simultaneously. Once you get to terminate all the unnecessary processes, this will free your phone’s memory and will speed it up.

You can disable all the unwanted activities and apps with the Task Killer app. It displays the list of all the running apps. Users can mark all the apps with a click via  the Kill Selected Apps option. The Advanced Task Killer app supports a feature which preserves the selected apps before they exit. If you want to keep an app running, you simply need to add it to the ignore list. You can use the Kill Option to disable apps separately as well.

Advanced Task Killer Advatages:
The Advance Task Killer app for Android offers different advantages that are:

  • A wide range of options
  • An ignore list
  • Services related to System level can be terminated

Advanced Task Killer Disadvatages:
The Advance Task Killer app for Android does have a disadvantage, and it is:

  • Missing User Interface enhancements for Android 4.x

When you are considering using the app, you need to ensure that you select the processes sensibly. Killing wrong services perhaps will have a great impact over your device. The Advanced Task Killer Pro app for Android can be easily downloaded from the Play Store.


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