Microsoft Launched Feedback Program For Surface RT Owners

Microsoft Surface Tablet seemed like a big step toward’s the future of computing technology. Microsoft Surface tablet was comes with multiple varieties like Windows 8 RT, ultra-thin keyboard and powered by Intel chips. Obviously Microsoft appears to be willing to take on Apple iPad head on and that’s quit exciting prospect. Microsoft launched survey program for Surface RT tablet owners, Microsoft wants your feedback for Surface RT tablet and lucky person will be rewarded $200.

its seems good opportunity to share your personal opinion to Microsoft expert about how you have experienced the surface tablet so they can improve it in the future. To get started (here), user’s need to signup for feedback program and provide device serial number of Surface. Your serial number ensure that response generated by real surface owner. Unfortunately survey program available for those peoples who living in United State of America.

Hopefully, your response will help them to improve Microsoft surface tablet performance and some technical issues.

Via: Survey

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