Where does the OS X security exist after a unpredictable 2012

2012 was a “great” year for the OS X security at least if you are a researcher or security professional. There were many events that occurred to keep the individuals on their toes. Apple did have to face some difficulties because of them but the company made great efforts when it all came down to keeping the customers safe.

Move Back to the Flashback :

Do you remember Flashback? The Malware was first made in 2011 but it never became that popular among the users. Not many people were aware of until this year. Apple was suddenly faced with debatably the very first really malware of high-profile to come on the OS X just as Apple was starting to become more and more popular in the media.

The Elimination of Java :

In spite of this, the Flashback disaster was the method for one of the most significant choice Apple made so that they could beef up the security of the OS X. The Flashback drove Apple to eliminating Java from their installs and the Flashback made them release a cleanup tool. This was said by a security researcher. The biggest decision that came out of the Flashback was to decrease the part of Java in the lives of the users of OS X as much as they can unless the user decides to install it himself.

The elimination of Java was a unique choice and it is one of the most important decision made by Apple in the year 2012.

Progress to signed security representation for applications :

Even though Flashback was going back down and Java was on the verge of being eliminated Apple was already making plans to change the way that the users communicate with the applications on the Mac. A brand new feature release in 2012 in Mountain Lion by default would limit the source of third-party applications installed on your system. This would protect the user from installing applications from unknown resources.

Looking at 2013 :

2012 was definitely a hectic year for OS X security and for Apple but they are all in good shape. There is always a chance to get better. What do you think will happen to the landscape of the OS X for the upcoming year? We can only wait and see what changes will be made by Apple in the year 2013.

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