KuaiZip – an Archiving Tool that is much efficient than 7-Zip

There are many archiving tools available that allows extracting the documents, videos, audio and many other files. Some of the popular ones are 7 Zip, WinRar, etc. Recently, another archiving tool named KuaiZip is release that provides an enhanced performance and includes new features. It is an update to the previously available tools and it has become much popular since its release.

This free archiving tool is available to download for free and it supports various other archive formats as well including 7 Zip, K, Zip and many more and it gives the best results with its own format. The tool provides the best User Interface so far that makes it a lot simple to use. Many people including the beginners can easily make use of it. Moreover, it offers many unique features too. There are some tools available that affects the quality of the original files while extracting. For instance, they might affect the quality of the video and the audio files. On the other hand, KuaiZip will extract the files so efficiently that there will be no changes made to the files in the Zip format. This makes it an extremely reliable tool to use.


The compression in KuaiZip comes with options like Fast, Normal, Store, Better, and Fastest, which has made it very easy to use for almost everyone. Further more; there is one another unique feature about it that it lets you to protect your archive with a password. Now your files can be made secure through it. It also allows including comments in your archives and you can split your archive as well.

KuaiZip has now left behind the most popular file archivers because of the unique features and its excellent user interface. It is a completely reliable tool that has made the file extraction easier and efficient.

Source: KuaiZip Website

[Images Credit: KuaiZip]

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