What Apple Needs To Learn From Microsoft!

It has been stated by most of the people using Windows 8, that Microsoft Corporation has done a really good job, it’s not excellent though. Experts have stated that Windows 8 is a pretty good addition and there is always a next level. The newly launched OS has been integrated on a large number of gadgets that have been lately made available, and people have been liking the latest interface too. As a matter of fact, it has a completely unique nature, and as a result, Apple needs to learn some vital points out of it.

A Little Touch Can Be Good:

Apple has now embedded the touch feature as a practical and feasible interface, however; refuses to add to its own line of gadgets. Perhaps the OS X is certainly not ready to have a touch based interface with its tiny menus and buttons, but the Fullscreen version and Launchpad apparently point to a probable iOS-like interface. I believe the Windows/desktop user experience is going to be tough when it is about tearing away from the PC or Laptop experience, however; Apple has already proved it with the iOS, and users would be contended to try and take it to the next level.

Concealing The File System:

Although questionably Windows 8 does not really conceal the file system from the curious eyes, when it comes to the Metro interface, you are reminded over and over again that it does exist. Whereas discarding into the desktop interface, it offers a strident memo that all of your data is still here, the default Windows 8 version is basically of a machine that tends to hold data with small mussing or input provided by the user. This certainly happens to be an excellent thing.
An average user does get mystified. Where do all the data, documents go? Why is there not a home space? Why everything has to pop-up? Apple has tried something of the same nature and it is known as the iCloud.

Wide and Superior Social Activity:

The company has neither much implemented social practice that good, but with the Live tiles feature, the interaction with social mediums happens to be quite interesting. Tweeting or updating your status right from your home screen is not exactly what most of us thought about when it comes to having proper social interaction.

Icons Become Smarter:

What mostly people tend to like about Windows Phone or Windows 8, it is the impression of live icons or live tiles. OS X as well as iOS badges do work well, but acquiring additional information at a glance is now becoming increasingly much more imperative.

Microsoft has taken an initiate with Windows 8, and has been able to keep it stagnant with the desktop models. Presently, Touchscreen has become a proven and well-accepted approach for device integration, but they have not been able to bring the Windows 8 OS to slates. Lets see what happens next!

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