Top 10 Best Android Games Of The Year 2012

Year 2012 has seen an immense revolution in mobile gaming on android. Android offers people with many exciting games on smartphones and tablets that got much popular around the world. There is a huge list of games on android. This article is a review on 10 best android games of the year 2012.

1. Asphalt 7: Heat

The game is designed for car racing lovers. It gives you real feeling of driving the most amazing cars which everyone dreams of plus it gives you an opportunity of driving virtually  on the real car racing tracks of the world. This game will take you to another world of fantasy where you can actually live your dreams.

Cars are the most luxurious ones that you can select from like Ferrari and even DeLorean (from the world’s largest car making companies). This game can be played by multiple players and even online. It will give you the most amazing feeling ever.


2.  Granny Smith

Granny Smith is an elderly woman with roller skates attached to her feet. She is an apple lover and she has grown apples in her back yard. There are thieves in the game who stoles her apples. As a player you have to assist her to reach her home overcoming the hurdles so as to protect apples from thieves. This makes the game exciting and challenging.


3.  Dead Trigger

Dead Trigger gives an amazing experience of shooting the zombies. It uses different guns and weaponry to kill the undead. There are various weapons that you can choose from and all are available with own different features.


4.  Cut the Rope

You need to cut the rope so as to provide the critter a candy which is attached to the rope. Looks simple? But it is not all that you have to do. The critter can eat as many candies and still his hunger cannot be removed. For that you have to cut as many ropes. The game becomes more and more challenging because of the problems and hindrance that comes with it. Candy has to pass through various barriers before one manages to get it to critter’s mouth. If you are unable to do so, you will loose the game. The game is designed so beautifully and the background sounds are so sensational and calm that adds to the beauty of the game. The game gets tougher as the level increases. You can even get stars and increase your score.


 5. Death Rally

It is a car racing game along with the adventure and thrill of using guns to shoot and explosions while driving. At the end of the game you can earn cash as an award of winning race or for the number of killing. You can invest your money on your vehicle to recover it or to increase its speed and much more.


6. Angry Birds Space

This is the sequel to the most popular angry bird game. It features the use of gravity. Birds are free in space that hit the pigs at different angles using logics and skills. This makes it a challenging puzzle game.


7.  Play Reactor

Play reactor offers a variety of different mini games like tic-tac-toe, 5 different shapes and much more. These are the evergreen games of all times that are loved by almost everyone. The game is to be played by multiple players and you can confront your friends on knowledge and logics.


8. Ski Safari

Ski safari will take you to the world of adventure. The concept of the game is to help the skier to reach to the end of the mountain and not get caught by land sliding or avalanche and also collect as many coins during the ride and get score. The player can ride on animals and take help to speed up.


9. Contract Killer 2

Contract killer brings you an exciting 3D experience of combat. The player will be a contractor with an objective of fighting with enemies in the streets. You will be faced with sudden enemy attacks which makes it challenging. You have to win the war and get reward for your job. You get advance weapons and can also earn cash and shop different equipments with the amount of money you earned. This makes the game much exciting.


10. Draw something

The game is to be played online with the other player. The concept of the game is to draw images and share with friends and they can share back their drawing.



There is a huge range of games on android and all with a variety of interesting new concepts that makes people addicted to mobile gaming.

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