Cobook For iPhone – Organize Your Contacts With Most Unique Way

Cobook, a Mac OS application that organize the contacts in your phone in the most unique way, is now available on iPhone after its release on December 6, 2012 and it is available for free. It has some really remarkable features that make life a lot simpler. It gives maximum efficiency by transferring the contact data from your Facebook, Twitter, and Google account or from any other networking website instantly. The data includes everything from name, location, number, address, e-mail, local time and even the contact picture at one place and all managed in the most perfect way. It also includes information like the person’s status updates and all the other activities.  Moreover, the application values your personal information and it is much secure. This attracted many people and it achieved the highest ratings just after its release.

It is now introduced on mobile to be used on iPhone. This application will work on IOS 5 and all devices above it. It is now updated into a much simpler version that can also be used by an ordinary user. You can also categorize the contacts in your phone into family, friends, work and much more that makes it easy to use. The more advanced user interface is the most important feature of this release that will add to its demand. There is an option available at the bottom of each contact detail that lets you browse Facebook or Twitter directly. You can even create your own personal or professional contact card including your contact information which you can save and e-mail to anyone easily in your address book. It overall enhances your address book which makes it attractive and easy to manage.  It is available on I-tunes to be downloaded.


The application gives benefits to so many people and they consider it a blessing. It provides a better user experience and improved performance than the default address book in your phone which makes it a much use application. It is a new application released on mobile; the future versions of the application will bring more advancement to it in order to compete with the other mobile applications similar to this one.

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