Chime: The All in One Notification System for Google Chrome

Getting notifications on your computer usually means going to every platform you want to be updated on and looking at them one by one. This is an incredibly outdated and slow system to keep tabs on your favorite pages. There’s good news though. A new extension for Google Chrome allows you to follow all of your sites at once and get the notifications without doing a thing. After downloading Chime, a window will pop up allowing you to check each service such as Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and anything else you can think of too. This is also the chance for you to sing into any sites that Chrome hasn’t tracked itself, but you can always add more sites to the list later.

The notifications will start to come in immediately after installation. The interface is great and looks and makes perfect sense. With color coded notification bars for each website, you can tell which service you’re getting notified for from just a glance. This also works great for Mac and Windows just as well.

Another great positive of this extension is that it makes using all of these sites more secure. There’s no server side code which means all of the data being sent and received stays on your computer only, where it belongs. It also saves you from having to sign into all of your services each time you logout or close the window. Chime automatically can be set to remember logins so that they can access all of your sites at once with no hassle. Of course, if you’re someone who never entrusts any saved password there’s a setting to have it not allow it too.

This also makes any other social media or relevant extensions unnecessary which can help you clean up your toolbars and browser interfaces as well. The only thing this extension leaves me hoping for is Google + integration, which is honestly shocking that it doesn’t have.

Source: Chime For Google Chrome


[Image Credit: Chrome Web Store]

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