Carbon- An App to Sync and Backup Your SD Card or Cloud Storage

There have been years now that we have had to wait for a fully functional and properly executed backup system for our Android devices. Sure, we’ve trusted our entire schedules, our lists of carefully constructed contacts, our incredibly important notes to our Android devices, but with no assurance of saving that information in case of emergency. Now there is a solution! Backup your Android device’s memory with Carbon, the app that will sync your Android device and allow you to finally have peace of mind knowing that the information you have can be saved somewhere without all that extra hassle.

Considering we have legitimately made our smart phones into our personal assistants it’s crazy to think that most of us have gone this long without a backup app like this to sync and store our data to and SD card or cloud storage Imagine one day in real life having an assistant who keeps all of our information, dates, phone numbers and addresses and then just losing them one day. Never hearing from them again would be devastating and a huge blow to productivity. Now imagine that same situation, but now when you lose them you have another version of them, a cloned twin that kept all of that information for you as well. How amazing would that be! That’s what it’s like with Carbon.

That may have been a far fetched scenario, but it’s still relevant. Carbon is a great app for your Android device to carefully and securely save all of your information and back it all up. The only catch is that it doesn’t work on a Motorola device.

Source: Carbon – App Sync and Backup for Android


[image via Google Play Store]

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