Ulysse Speedometer for Android: Fully Functional Speedometer with Extras

The function of smart phones these days has reached an entirely new level. These devices are far from simply devices with which to send emails and make phone calls. They have become mobile computers, portable gadgets of every kind and serve functions that we used to have specific machines for. There is now an app that works as a completely accurate speedometer. For those of us who ever need to document speed, or simply have our phones with us in the car docked or as a GPS this app will make your driving much more safe.

The Ulysse Speedometer can translate the speed into mph, km/h, and even knots for those traveling on water. It is all run through the phone’s GPS systems so the speed is calculated with incredible accuracy. A great feature it has is that you can overlay the speed readout over other apps so that you can maintain the monitoring of the speed while another app is open such as a directional navigation app. This gives you all of the function of the Ulysse Speedometer without having to devote the entire screen to just knowing the speed.

This app comes in a free trial version which has some of the features stripped out and only lasts two weeks, as well as a full paid version which has more features unlocked and obviously allows permanent access to the app. It won’t hurt to try it out and see if it’s worth spending the money on. There are an enormous amount of uses for the app in the real world from people who run time trials, to safety monitoring your speed while driving with the alert system, to altitude and compass alerts.

Google Play: Ulysse Speedometer | Ulysse Speedometer Pro

[Image Credit: Google Play Store]

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