Gravity Guy 2: The Fun New Sequel to a Classic on Windows Phone 8

Gravity Guy became an instant classic game for Windows mobile platforms when it came out about a year ago. Ever since then the fan base has been patiently awaiting the sequel. Well, the day has finally come and the Gravity Guy 2 is now available in the Windows App store. As the gaming world for mobile devices goes, usually Windows Phone is the last to get name brand titles. This is a turn of those standards since Gravity Guy 2 is being released first for Windows Phone, with the iOS and Android versions to be released at a later date. This once again goes to show how the world of Windows Phone is gaining traction in recent times with the growing coverage of large name apps and releases.

As far as Gravity Guy 2 is concerned it is a great sequel. Anyone that loved the first installment will find this one great too, but anyone that has never heard of the franchise before will still get the enjoyment of playing this fun little running game. It’s not just a remake with more levels and sharper graphics. There are added moves, new features and all of that is of course coupled with new and improved graphics and music as well. When a game this popular is released from a company as big as MiniClip you know there is a decent amount of reliability behind it. Getting this game won’t be a regret unless you have a lot to accomplish in which case this game will surely sidetrack you for hours.

Source: Gravity Guy 2 for Windows Phone

[Image Credit: Windows Phone Store]

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