The 5 Best Zombie Game Available On Google Play

I’m to list down the best and top zombie games for Android Smartphones and tablet gadgets. Enjoy but better avoid becoming one at the dinner..Yikes!

Zombie Frontier


The game has been developed by the FT Games. It comes with a notion that in the year 2020, T viruses spread worldwide. Numerous people are infected with it and become zombie. You happen to be a survivor. Now, you have to fight against all the zombies.
Enjoy shocking sound effects and music, kill different kinds of zombies, upgrade to new weapons, experience the sensation of firing wildly.

Zombie Evil


It is one of the best zombie shooting games available for Android gadgets. The game goes back in the times of 2013 B.C., and the humans are marked as the biggest barrier in species evolution by the foolish Dr. Evil. According to him, Zombies are the ideal species, and are great masters of the world. As a result, he has created a big Zombie army, making the entire planet come into an ultimate crisis.  There are just few mercenaries alive who have to fight through this. The game is full of thrilling actions.

Zombie Smasher


It is one of the most demanded and loveable Zombie games available on the Google’s Play Store., In this game, you have to defend you home as there is a mob of zombies which is going to invade it and there is just one way to defeat and for this you have to keep them brainless. Make use of your fingers to completely tap on the zombies to eliminate and smash them before they  break down your door. It is an extremely simple game as all you have to do to kill the zombies is to touch them.

Stupid Zombie


All the stupid zombies are back , and you are the last hope of the humanity who can keep them without brains. The ammo you are provided with is limited, and for that reason you have to be wise, crafty and utilize it in the most effective manner to survive this war.

Earn to Die Lite


The game has been designed by Not Doppler. Earn to Die has turned out to be a complete action pack game where you not only have to steer your way through every level, but also have to smash your way via the hordes of zombies that come your way.


[Image Credit: Google Play Store]

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