It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, No it’s the Speedtest App for Windows Phone 8

The long awaited Speedtest app for accurately testing the upload, download and ping of your device is finally here. No more are the days where you have to wander around unknowingly receiving less than optimum data streams. The Speedtest app has been around for years online. It is a staple in the technology community for its accuracy and dependability for testing the data connections across multiple platforms and devices.

This mobile venue has a very simple idea behind it, but the service and information it provides still stands as the standard for measuring data on a device. This means that it is finally able to hold Windows Phone 8 up to the other devices being measured.

It’s nice to see a measurement of data ability from a carrier network status and not just the wifi which is already basically the same depending on where it is being accessed from. Getting readings from wireless carriers allows the user to actually clock in their data and see if they are receiving the level they should be or not. Many service providers claim high numbers and don’t deliver and up until now it’s been hard to prove on certain devices.

The interface of the Speedtest app leaves almost nothing to be desired. It is clean, polished and works like a charm. Compared to the iOS version and the version available on the Android marketplace, this one offered by Windows seems much smoother and functionally impressive.

Don’t wait any longer and see what your device is capable of getting in data. The best part about this app is that it’s free! Just a simple download from the Windows Phone app store and you’ll be on your way. Get in on this industry standard measurement tool today.

Source: for Windows Phone 8 on the Windows Phone Store

[Image Credit: Windows Phone Store]

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