jbOS7 An iOS7 Inspired Theme For Android

With all the buzz around Apple’s upcoming iOS7 update, it’s no wonder that many Android users are curious as to what all the commotion is about. The recent release of iOS7 beta to certain users has given plenty of information about the look and feel of the new iOS and some intrepid Android developers have brought the experience to Android devices. The name jbOS7 stands for Jelly Bean OS 7, a play on the name of the current Android distribution and the upcoming iOS update.

To use jbOS7, you’ll need a launcher for the skin to work with. If you’ve got a working one, jbOS7 is a simple download and install from a provided link at Dropbox. Once the theme has been applied, you’re ready to play around with the finest faux iOS7 skin for Android around. The developers have definitely done their homework in emulating the exact look of iOS7’s color scheme and icon styling. If you like experimenting with a bunch of different themes, jbOS7 is definitely worth a try. To be honest, it looks like it borrows a lot from the look of Windows 8 in terms of the minimalism and font usage. The skin is full of bright, airy colors that make the whole thing feel lighter and sunnier.

Some people might debate how necessary it is to bring the atmosphere of Android’s arch nemesis to an Android device. Others just want to experience the whole gamut of styling options. Either way, you have the choice with jbOS7 to bring the look of iOS7 to your device a few months before it is officially released. Like many modern interface designs, it looks clean, bright, and free of unwanted clutter.

You can download jbOS7 from here.

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