How to Make Android phone look like 3D Home

Getting tired of the stock Android launcher on your device? Wish you could spend a few moments relaxing in the privacy of your own digital home before starting an app? Well, 3D Home might just be what you’re looking for. 3D Home transforms your device from a cold, technological slab into a personalized space that will shout out your arrival to the world.

In essence, you are given a large room to decorate with a variety of furniture, wallpaper, and themes to choose from. You can place the furniture however you see fit, but in the end it all looks kind of sterile like an art exhibit with stuff hung on the walls. The furniture does more than just sit there and look pretty, it actually functions as a way to intuitively launch common Android apps. If you want to make a phone call you…pick up the phone sitting on the table. See an irresistible photo op? Grab the camera icon. It is very gimmicky but it’s also fun and breathes some new life into the Android interface. Besides the furniture for the stock apps, you can also place the standard app icons anywhere you like for quick access.

The launcher isn’t just about opening apps, it’s really meant to evoke the experience of having a personal room. The room consists of a series of panels, a floor, and a roof, all of which can be customized. Scrolling through them provides a slick 3D effect which is where the name comes from and enhances the feeling of being in an actual physical space. You can even look up at the sky which can be set to match your local weather conditions in a very creative touch.

3D Home is available now for free on Google Play. If you’re into fun launchers, give it a try.

Source: 3D Home For Android

[Image Credit: Google Play Store]

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