Top 5 Best FlashLight Apps for Android Smartphones

In this post, I am to list down the top 5 best and most popular FlashLight apps Android users can have in their Smartphones.

Brightest Flashlight :


This is a free app for Android users developed by the Surpax Technology Corporation. Flashlight Mini immediately turns your Smartphone into a REAL time flashlight! It is an ultimate lighting tool that takes absolute advantage of the LED light feature you have on your gadget. Blinking and Strobe mode is supported into the app and some of its great free features are: Brightest Flashlight, Convenient to switch it off and on, blinking frequency of the light can be easily adjusted. Download Brightest LED Flashlight app on

Brightest LED Flashlight :


Flashlight Mini promptly turns your phone into a REAL brightest flash LED light. It is a great flash tool that can help you turn your Smartphone into the brightest flashlight instantly. It also supports the blinking and strobe feature and it is available for free!
The flashlight can be easily switched on and off just as it can be with a real-time flashlight. The blinking frequency of the flashlight can also be adjusted. It offers striking graphics and happens to be the best flashlight you can get on your Android device.

Tiny Flashlight + LED :


This tiny flashlight app has been designed for Android devices. Extremely useful with being absolutely simple to use application developed by Nikolay Anniev for Free. It is going to use your Smartphone’s camera flash, LED screen as a torch, as of the camera’s flashlight, which releases extremely intense light when you are in the dark.

Flashlight HD LED :


A free application developed by As there are numerous other flashlight applications, why to opt for this one? The reason behind is very simple, the flashlight HD LED app is very well designed and extremely easy to make use of. All you have to do is to launch the app and you will get the light immediately after tapping the button. It works exceedingly well on all Android devices. Moreover, you can add a widget to your Smartphone for quick access.

Color Flashlight HD LED :


With this app, you will be able to turn your Android based Smartphone into a color flashlight. It can be a led banner candle disco light, and police light. You will be having versatility  flashlight with this application installed on your Smartphone.

[Image Credit: Google Play Store]

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