Dual Lock Crop: The Windows Phone App for Seamless Panoramic Lock Screens

Dual Lock Crop is a free app for the Windows Phone which allows you to create a customized, double wide wallpaper for your lock screen. This means that you can edit an image to seamlessly cover two lock screens side by side such as the default one and the Kid’s Corner one.

The app itself is very simple. All you do is choose an image and then let the app work its magic. Before you know it, you will have your image split perfectly into two to cover both side by side screens and show exactly how perfectly both halves fit into one cohesive background image. This app isn’t something groundbreaking or amazing, but for those of us who like organization and having things look good together this is a welcome and easy fix to having two drastically different or similar background images for our two home screen pages on the Windows Phone. It’s free so it won’t hurt to just check it out today.

Source: Dual Lock Crop for Windows Phone

[Image Credit: Windows Phone Store]

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