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SwipePad Now Supports Bigger Pads with the MoreSpace Plugin

When SwipePad first came on the market a little while ago it hit it big. People loved the navigation using just swipes to go from app to app without having to resort to the home screen in between. It was a great addition to the world of Android interfaces and as time goes on this kind of in app option to switch between apps is growing larger. There has been one persisting snag with this app, but it is now remedied. Before, the SwipePad app only catered to smaller devices and the option for the number of apps available as shortcuts was limited to smaller pad sizes. As we now know, tablets and phablets are taking the market by storm so apps like this needed to adapt to larger pad spaces. The SwipePad app now has a plugin available called MoreSpace which allows the grid of app shortcuts to be expanded to a 7×6 configuration which drastically increases the number of apps able to be accessed.

With the introduction of this plugin to the world of SwipePad the options and capabilities of SwipePad are increased exponentially. Also, SwipePad was just updated a few days ago to make the interface better and this improvement has made the app even easier to use. Now instead of long pressing and swiping to bring up the menu in app, you can edit the settings in the app to call up the menu in a way that you choose.

If you’re an Android user who likes convenience and a sure fire way to speed up your day then get SwipePad and MoreSpace for your device today.

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SwipePad – Hyperspace Launcher for Android

MoreSpace: SwipePad add-on for Android

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