The Top 5 Car Racing Games for Windows Phone

Asphalt 7 Heat :


This multiplayer, fully online game allows you to race against people all over the world. The competition doesn’t end on the track since you can compare your statistics and achievements with everyone else too. This is a shockingly great, complex, and expansive game to be offered on a mobile device. With over 15 leagues and 150 different race tracks, this game has unlimited replay value. Choose your favorite of 60 different luxury cars from every top name brand you can imagine.

Drag Race :


Another online game makes this drag racing game far more competitive and fun to play. With 31 cars to choose from all with their own unique abilities and strengths, you can customize your drag racing technique to battle against the other top racers across the globe. With a money system to buy upgrades you earn more dough the more races you win and for shifting with perfect timing. It’s truly a great game for anyone who loves drag racing and timing games.

3D Brutal Chase :


This game is as much a racing game as it is a demolition derby type of game. You drive around and find your enemies all while crushing their cars with your brutal stopping force. This is one of those fun and simple games when you just want to cause a ruckus in a virtual world. With a unique car set up in each of the seven cities you can drive around in, there is no limit to how many times this game can be enjoyed.

Race and Battle :


This is a fun little game that is a racing game combined with a battle royal. You race just as much as you fight the other competitors with your mounted rockets and mines. It is a fun game that allows you to play with one other person on the same device or against the computer simulation. All in all it’s a good time and the only improvement would be to add more levels. The controls are set up well considering you have so many options for fighting and weapons.

Drift Mania Championship 2 :


Drift Mania has long been the best title out there for drift racing games, and now with this second installment you get everything the first one had to offer, but with much more. One of the best features of this game is that not only is it a racing game, but you can also customize your car in every way possible. This makes it much more fun to play as you always want to have the best car out there. Especially considering you can play online against people and your friends, having your car be the best looking and performing one out there is even more impressive. With multiple circuits and a plethora of tracks to play on there is a great race to be had over and over again in Drift Mania 2.

[Image Credit: Windows Phone Store]

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