Mac Remote: The Amazing Way to Control Your Mac from Your Android Device

Have you ever wanted to control your Mac computer from your Android device, but didn’t want to do a ton of research into finding the right programs and then having to work with downloading them and fiddling around with them all day? Well, your day is here and you no longer have to search. Mac Remote allows you to control your Mac from your Android device with no external software installed on your computer. The reason that this app is so great is that all it requires is the app on your phone and for you to enable remote logins t your computer and you’re good to go. If that even sounds like too much of a hassle, don’t worry, Mac Remote will explain exactly how to do it the first time you open up the app.

Once installed on your device and setup you can control a huge variety of programs apps, and settings right from your phone or tablet. This makes you feel like you’re in some sort of futuristic movie with having all of your devices integrated and running together so seamlessly, and all so simply! I know for me, even as a tech writer, doing things like this the old fashioned way with installing remote servers and going through a few leaps and bounds to get everything to work was just never wroth it. Now that it’s so simple I find myself just sitting back on the couch and adjusting the brightness of my screen before I go to sleep, the volume on my iTunes when I need to turn it down, or just opening up various programs without ever having to get up. It’s really a revolutionary way to sync mobile device and Mac, especially across platforms like this.

The thing with this app is that it works even better than Apple remote and it’s free to use. With those two factors it is an easy decision. Never before has using a remote control from a mobile device to sync with your Mac been simpler or more effective. Make sure to try this app out for free.

Source : Mac Remote for Android on Play Store

[Image Credit: Google Play Store]

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