Top 3 Apps for Scanning Documents Using an Android Device

Google Play store offers apps for just about everything. This article is a review on Top 3 Apps for Scanning Documents using and Android Devices.

CamScanner – Phone PDF Creator :


This is the number one app for this purpose because it is tried and tested in the real world with fantastic results. Many of the millions of users of this app are more than pleased with the performance of the app and the way that it can transform a paper document into something that can be used and viewed digitally. Using this app you take pictures of any paper document, a receipt, note, invoice, or business card and it will turn into a document to be viewed and exported digitally. With great integration for email, cloud storage devices and faxes and printers this app does anything and everything you could want with a mobile document scanner.

Scan Master :


Here is another great scanner app for your Android device. The great thing about this app is the built in editing function which allows you to get your document scanned in the best resolution and quality possible. The ability to adjust the lighting and and size helps make the image come out much more clearly than if it just took whatever the default photo looked like. This has a very similar set up to CamScanner, but the support is slightly more limited in terms of connection to databases, clouds and storage. It is still a very good app and has incredible power and effect in what it does.

Mobile Doc Scanner Lite :


Mobile Doc Scanner was just updated a few days ago which makes it all the more relevant to mention here. It is another great app for serving the purpose of transitioning paper documents, or any image into a digital format on another computer or device. This app has great integration for cloud services as well as other server based storage which makes it easy to sync up and use them seamlessly. The only thing that could make this app better is slightly more integration with editing in the app itself. Although the app has a built in processor which does enhance and create a clearer image, it would be nice to have a little more control over the image as well.

[Image Credit: Google Play Store]

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