The Top 3 Free Texting and Talking Apps for Android

Many people these days are imprisoned by the confines of their wireless carrier’s texting and minute stipulations. Luckily, there are great options which will enable you to not have to worry about sending too many texts or talking on the phone for too long.

Tango ;


Tango is an app that allows the user to send and receive calls, texts and other media. It is a great app, and the placement in the top downloads speaks for itself. There is no need for those pricey unlimited texting rates, or the outrageous prices for sending and receiving media messages anymore. If you are someone who isn’t on the same cell phone carrier as your friends or family you will know all too well about these hidden charges. This app also allows for great video calling.

Kik Messenger ;


Kik messenger is one of the earliest and still most popular additions to the app messengers. Its philosophy is simple: keep it easy. This is basically an updated instant messenger type of service where people have their own username and chat from person to person. It doesn’t get simpler than this, but it also doesn’t really get better at simplifying an alternative to texting. If you’re looking for an easy way to text or message people around the world for less than crazy rates, check out Kik.

Go SMS Pro ;


Go SMS Pro is another great alternative messaging service. This one is also simpler and allows for a contact to contact messaging interface that is seamless and easy to use. A great feature with this app is the ability to send doodles and handwritten notes back and forth as well. This comes in handy where words simply don’t cut it. It seems like a very simple and random addition, but once you realize the uses of it you’ll wonder how you never had it before.

These apps will help you avoid any of those pesky overages you may have encountered with either talking to people on other carriers or even people internationally. Convince your relatives overseas to get these apps and make communicating that much easier for that much cheaper.

 [Image Credit: Google Play Store]

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