Bigger is Better: Galaxy S Series Smartphone sales hit 100M units worldwide

Samsung’s Galaxy S Series has passes the 100 million units worldwide, the company has announced its has sold over 100 million devices, just two years & seven months after the first Galaxy S handset was launched in May 2010.

No Doubt, The Samsung Galaxy S3 is currently most popular handset has already sold more than 40 million units within 7 months of its release date, obviously the company says, 190,000 S3 handsets are being sold every day.

This is the 1st figures that company has released in new year 2013. Samsung is expected to announce new Galaxy S4 with 14 megapixel camera and quad-core processor, which is expect to be lunched in next few months.

Source: Samsung Tomorrow Flickr

[Image: via samsungtomorrow / Flickr]

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