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The Number 1 Windows Phone YouTube App “Metrotube” Now Available for Windows 8 &Windows RT

Watching your favorite YouTube videos is a pastime that the generations of the modern era have come to accept as a part of life. Windows Phone users are left behind on some aspects of modern media due to the lack of availability for otherwise common apps on their platform. There is one app that is amazing for YouTube which is called Metrotube and has been out for Windows Phone for a while, gaining popularity the whole time. The same app Windows Phone users love is now available for the Windows 8 and Windows RT platforms.

This is a free app, so right off the bat it’s one you really can’t go wrong with. The app itself runs extremely well and makes browsing, searching, and getting the most out of YouTube incredibly simple and easy for anyone. The interface is well constructed for anyone who is or is not familiar with how YouTube works.

Metrotube is essentially how you would want YouTube to look if you were viewing it anywhere regardless of a mobile or a desktop monitor. It lays out the categories and opens them up in a touch environment the way you would want them to. This app leaves nothing to the imagination since there is a full 1080p option for viewing.

Windows may be left out on somethings but now other Android and iOS users might even be jealous of the way Windows users get to take advantage of Metrotube. If you have a Windows Phone, Windows RT or Windows 8 device make sure to go check out Metrotube today.

Source: Metrotube for Windows Phone

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