iOS Style Music App for Android

If you love the interface for the iOS music player, but don’t have an iPhone then you’re in luck. iMusic – iPhone 5 Style is an app on the Google Play Store that allows you just that exact luxury. This is essentially an exact replica of the iPhone music app, but available for Android. It allows you to sort music, shuffle, create playlists and manage all of your music with the same touch responses and feel of the native iPhone app.

Even if you haven’t necessarily been overly familiar with the iOS music player, you can almost positively share the same lackluster response that every Android user has when using their music player. It is bulky, lacks options and customization, and really does nothing beyond an early 2000s mp3 player. If you are looking for something better, something more modern and something that allows you to have options you may never have even known existed, check out this copied iOS music player.

This app also comes in several languages so it won’t be difficult for non English speakers to use it as well which is an added bonus. Overall this is a simple, but great app. It’s a great music player, and better than any other I’ve come across that are native to an Android device.

Source: iMusic – iPhone 5 Style App for Android

[Image Credit: Google Play Store]

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