HyperSwitch: A Windows-Esque Preview Based App Switcher for Macs

Only a few years ago the general consensus in the world of technology was that Windows ran the world and Mac users were simply an odd niche. These days Mac products and computers have taken the world of computing by storm and the market for users who are going from Windows to Mac is huge. Even though this debate has been going on for a long time the fact of the matter is that a lot of people are switching over to Mac and it may not be the most natural OS for a life long Windows user to adjust to. One of the areas of computing that many Windows users of the modern age have grown accustomed to is the idea of switching between opened apps and windows. In the Windows OS you can pop up a little dock of opened, and available programs to access quickly, but with Mac the default dock may throw some new users off from the lack of a preview function. Well, there’s now a way to get the best of both worlds.

There is a new app which is still in beta which allows Mac users the option to have a Windows OS style preview based dock to switch between apps and open windows. It is called HyperSwitch. Although it is still in beta it works quite well with only a few known errors and is free. If you’re a Windows user who is missing your preview based switching then grab up this app and never look back.

The best feature of this app is the customization. The mac default dock is good, but leaves a few customization issues open for critique. This HyperSwitch can be adjusted in virtually any way possible to fit your screen, be hidden, size differently when hovering and even even perform actions to open apps simply over the dock icons.

For a new, beta app, this is quite a solid first run and it will only get better. If you’re only into apps that are completely finished and flawless then you might want to keep searching, but as far as function and performance goes this beta is pretty close to being able to accomplish everything it sets out to do.

Source: HyperSwitch app for Mac

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