The 5 Best Music Players On iOS

The iPhone comes with a very capable music player, so why bother with anything else? Well, these five free apps provide such a rich experience that you might just change your mind about sticking with the stock player.



Planetary is a novel way of exploring your music collection by turning it into a series of planets that you can visit. The planets are individual albums and their moons are the tracks. The visuals are absolutely stunning and the experience of flying through space to explore music is a great idea. Planetary is designed for the iPad and has improved graphics for retina displays.

Scrobbler for iOS


Scrobbler helps you rediscover your own music collection by forming playlists based on your music and catering to your music tastes. The app can recommend music you might like and features a detailed artist information section. You can also ‘scrobble’ or add tracks automatically to your profile.

TuneWiki Lyrics


This clever app solves the problem of having to search for song lyrics. Scrolling, highlighted lyrics are displayed as the track plays and you can even add custom lyric art for each song. Try it for impromptu karaoke or if you’re a lyrics nut.

Toones Music Player


The idea here is to control the entire music experience with the simplest possible taps and swipes. Tap once to pause or play, tap and hold for volume and seek, two finger tap to toggle shuffle, three finger tap to share, and swipe left or right to change tracks, that’s all there is to it. It’s a fun way to be rid of the buttons and sliders most players use.

Legato – Share and Discover Music


Legato wants to make music social, and the main feature is the ability to interact with what your friends are playing. You can view and star tracks on your friends’ playlists and they can do the same to yours. By viewing what your friends are listening to, you can purchase the same music or listen to it if you already own it. Sharing your tastes is easy too and the app can either share instantly or you can choose to share on popular social networks.

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