ActiveNotifications – Faster, More Detailed Lock Screen Notifications

Motorola’s new flagship Moto X phone has Active Display, an enviable feature that shows detailed notifications directly on the phone’s lock screen. As with many new features not yet fully available, an intrepid developer has decided to bring the experience to existing Android devices.

With ActiveNotifications, you can view incoming notifications and take appropriate action right from the lock screen. When you have a missed call or receive a new e-mail or text, the phone lights up to let you know it has received something worth noting. The notification data shows up in the top left corner of the screen and an icon appears, allowing you to decide if you want to respond or not. You can simply swipe to the side to dismiss the notification, or swipe up on the icon to act upon it. If you have a password protected lock screen, you’ll still need to enter it to bypass the lock, so have no fear that the notifications might allow unauthorized access. Not having to fumble through multiple notifications or go to the home screen provides a major boost in convenience and productivity. The app even features thoughtful accidental unlock protection by disabling the screen when the phone is in your pocket or face down.

Unsurprisingly, you’ll need to allow ActiveNotifications access to notifications for it to work. You can also manage which apps ActiveNotifications will work with by going to ‘Manage notification types’ and toggling individual apps. The basic version is free but for $0.99 you get a few premium features including the ability to hide extra notification info, adjust notification brightness, disable notifications at night or at certain times, and auto screen off when a notification is dismissed. If you’re looking for convenience, speed, and a modern minimalist way to handle notifications, ActiveNotifications is well worth checking out. It’s available now on Google Play for all Android devices running 4.1.1 and higher and does not require root access.

Source: ActiveNotifications for Android

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