Temple Run: Brave on Windows Phone 8

Temple Run: Brave is a blend of the popular Temple Run game and Disney’s Brave princess movie. For those who haven’t yet tried Temple Run, the game is an endless running challenge where the player must dodge various obstacles while running from vicious enemies. The game randomly adds jumps, turns, and barriers that you must duck under to survive. There are also bonus coins and jewels to collect for extra points that add some challenge and reward to the experience. Several powerups also randomly appear that let the princess attract coins or become invisible for a brief time.

In this updated version for Windows Phone 8, the heroine is the princess Merida from Disney’s Brave and you now have the ability to shoot arrows at targets that appear. The graphics have received a noticeable upgrade from previous versions and the controls are smooth and responsive. The levels look great with lush forests and mountains that match the Scottish setting of Brave.

Like many apps, there is a “store” where you can buy upgrades and enhancements for your character, either with coins earned in game or by buying coins with real world money. Temple Run: Brave is a great experience whether you’ve played previous Temple Run games or are a big fan of the Brave movie. Temple Run: Brave is now available for Windows Phone 8 on the Windows Store for 99 cents. Give it a try, just don’t let that evil bear Mor’du catch you.

SourceTemple Run Brave for Windows Phone

[Image Credit: Windows Phone Store]


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