Google Keyboard on Google Play Store Now

For those without the latest Android device, Google Keyboard is now available free on the Google Play Store for any Android device 4.0 or higher. As you might guess from the name, Google Keyboard is an official Google app that brings the very latest input technology to all Android devices, giving users of older devices the same slick experience.

One of the coolest features is called Gesture Typing, which allows you to input words simply by drawing lines across the keyboard instead of typing each individual character, much like the popular Swype app. You can quickly slide from key to key without lifting your finger and the app predicts what you’re trying to type. If you’ve gotten tired of tapping all day, Gesture Typing makes writing fast and easy.

If your hands are busy, Google also has you covered with Voice Typing. Like it sounds, Voice Typing lets you type simply by speaking into the microphone on your device and the speech recognition software does the rest. Google’s speech recognition accuracy is among the best around so there will be fewer frustrating moments when it doesn’t understand what you’ve said.

Google Keyboard also sports several prediction and correction features and will often know what you’re trying to say before you’ve even finished typing, swiping, or speaking. The app has support for numerous languages and keyboard layouts for special characters. Google Keyboard is a great addition to any Android user’s productivity and it’s fun to use.

 Source: Google Keyboard App for Android

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