Filedrop for iOS Makes Sharing Files Easy

Filedrop brings seamless file sharing between devices to iOS. The original Filedrop is an app to make sharing files between PCs and Macs hassle free. The service lets users share files between PCs, between Macs, or even from a Mac to PC and vice versa. For anyone who has ever had a headache with finicky USB devices or programs not wanting to talk to one another, Filedrop is a lifesaver.

Luckily for iOS users, the Filedrop app brings the service to all iOS devices. Now your iPhone or iPad can join in the file sharing fun. Files on the clipboard, camera roll, or that were previously shared via Filedrop can be shared with a PC, Mac, or other iOS device using Filedrop.

When the app first starts, it seamlessly scans via WiFi for other computers or mobile devices running Filedrop. Once it’s discovered all available devices, you simply choose which one you’d like to send a file to. If you’re receiving a file, you must tap a button to accept and from there you can monitor the progress of the download.

You can check download history and manage files you’ve sent and received by visiting the Downloads section of the app. There is even an option for quick file preview in case you’ve forgotten exactly what the file is. An extra convenience is the option to send and receive files directly from the Downloads area.

Give Filedrop a try if you want a great, simple file sharing app.

Source: Filedrop for iOS

[Image Credit: Apple iTunes Store]

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