ReachFeast: Contacts Search, Free for a Limited Time

Everyone with an iPhone knows that one of the fatal flaws of the otherwise amazing interface is the long scroll. There’s no worse time to suffer this issue when looking to get to a contact as fast as possible. The current scrolling uses specifically placed tapping which can be uncontrolled and filled with error. ReachFast Contacts is an app that has been formulated to directly combat this issue. In honor of its initial release, you can snag it up for FREE!

ReachFast aims to simplify and speed up calling, searching and adding contacts. It is an all around saving grace to the burdensome area. The way in which it differs from the traditional iPhone scrolling is in the tap traded for a pull. This allows the search to be done with a varying grade of a pull instead of a guess and check of a location tap. This not only makes it more accurate, but allows for an increased speed at which scrolling is even possible.

The other area in which it has been simplified is that with ReachFast, you can just tap the contact once to call and swipe right to send a message. This harkens to the shortcuts found on Android devices.

Although this may sound like a non issue with iPhone users I can almost personally guarantee that this will make your contacts and searching/calling part of your life faster and better. With the app being of great quality and free, go snag your ups today.

Source: ReachFast App for iPhone

[Image Credit: Apple iTunes Store]

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