Tabs Outliner: Possibly the Best Tab and Browser Saving Extension Out There

About a week ago I reviewed an extension for Google Chrome that dealt with the concept of saving and exporting tabs from the your browser. That extension left several things to be desired and left me pleased, but not satisfied with the results. It then came to my attention with the help of our great TechnoBB community that there was a far better option for the exact purpose of saving tabs, making notes on tabs, and an all around better experience for internet browsing. This extension is called Tabs Outliner and it basically does anything and everything you would want.

We all have those points in our internet life when the browser is jam packed with tabs. You might have one window open with twenty tabs and another with ten and it just gets out of hand fast. The reality is you most likely don’t actually need all of those tabs open at once and they are literally just draining your computer’s power and resources. This is when a tool like this comes in handy. You can simply save the tabs in the locations they’re in for later, or even save them to send out and access from another device in the future. There is literally no need to keep them all open any more at once unless you’re just a hoarder.

The other great thing about this extension is the idea that you can make notes on the fly about various tabs you have open. People always want to jot things down and in this day and age making hard copy notes on something digital is just antiquated and sloppy. With Tabs Outliner you can make notes and save them to a particular tab. Not only will this help keep you organized, but it will also make the tab noted to be saved by Tabs Outliner when you shut down the browser.

Add to those features one of the best backup and restoration features I’ve ever encountered with an amazing export interface, and you have yourself one amazing tool for maximizing your performance and the performance of your computer. I can’t believe I’ve browsed and used the internet for so long without having a tool like this to help me along.

Source: Tabs Outliner for Chrome

[Image Credit: Chrome Web Store]

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