Gainos Fresh Wallpapers: Great New Wallpaper Images Daily

Most people these days get tired of the same old thing on their phone after a little while. No matter how in love with whatever your wallpaper is it seems to lose its luster when it’s been there for a few weeks. Some people are even pickier and really only can take a wallpaper for a day or so. For anyone who has ever wanted a source of great wallpapers delivered directly to your phone there’s Gainos Fresh Wallpapers app. This app taps into the stream of Flickr images and allows you to save and use whatever images strike your fancy to use as your device’s background image.

There is also an automatic setting where you can set the app to change your wallpaper every so often on its own. This means that you can just have the pleasant surprise of a new image as often as you’d like. You can change the settings of the image to change from every 10 minutes, for those who really like change, to every week for people who just want to switch it up every once in a while.

The great thing about this app is it does exactly what it’s supposed to but it mostly stays out the way. It changes images and allows you to choose images, but there is nothing about constant use or having to fiddle with it all of the time. Once you get it you can kind of just sit back and relax. It requires little to no maintenance like most apps these days do. So if you find yourself hankering for some new images and wallpapers for your mobile device check out Gainos Fresh Wallpapers.

Google Play: Gainos Fresh Wallpapers for Android

[Image Credit: Google Play Store]

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