Sleep Better with Sleep Genius For iOS

Sleep Genius is a new sleeping aid app for iOS devices. It features three modes with a distinct approach to improving your sleep and sleep quality. Sleep Genius claims that the app is inspired by the latest scientific sleep studies and should help anyone trying to get a good rest in this hectic sleep deprived world.

The first mode, aptly named ‘Sleep’, has three specially designed programs to help you fall asleep and maintain a peaceful sleep. One of the programs, called ‘Renewed Universe’ is available for free as the default and the other two can be purchased in app for $2.99 each. In ‘Sleep’ mode, a series of sleep inducing sounds and rhythms play to music designed to help you gently fall asleep. You can set the program to play continuously while you sleep or you can set it to a timer that will shut it off after a specified period.

The second mode, called ‘Alarm’, has a new take on the old obnoxious alarm clock most of us dread. Instead of blaring some terrible noise that wakes you up in a bad mood, ‘Alarm’ uses something they call ‘Revive Cycle’ to slowly build to a waking state from a sleeping one. Before the alarm sounds, the app plays some gentle, low sounds to bring you out of the deepest sleep so that the awakening doesn’t ruin all of the good done by sleeping.

Finally, there is ‘Power Naps’ mode that guides you through a quick 30-minute nap meant for a quick boost. The app emphasizes that studies have shown that a good nap can provide a noticeable recharge of your mental and physical energy. ‘Power Nap’ handles the entire process smoothly and is a great help if you want a quick recharge.

Sleep Genius also features a thoughtful guide on the data and research behind many of the sleep aid techniques used in the app. If you find yourself wondering how a certain feature works, or are just more curious about sleep, the guide is fantastic. It also has a series of extra sleep tips you can use.

Source: Sleep Genius for iOS

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